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Nature's Trichomes, Papers and Nests
 The grasslike herbaceous Cyperus is located in freshwater lakes and streams and pinpointed at the Boreal regions.The silver stripes are associated with UV protection and regional significance includes weaving mats, baskets and screens. Below - interestingly, the coarse coya fibres from a potted shrub the birds have picked and loosened free to line their nests [sic glad we could help].
Continue to try and give food to hungry children who have no recourse. God the Lord has promised to bless anyone who gives a child a mere cup of water. You will be lending to God the Lord and it is established He always pays His debts.
Book Review - Human Genome
Prayer for Hungry Children
L top - the pretty Snowflake clinging Ficus grows best in rocky forests and tropical warm temperate regions. R - Cyperus of the Sedge/Poale genus grows in forests, fresh and salt marshes, tropical forests and is a historic plant previously used in paper making.