In our book we have selected, observed and scrutinized Company Cases from the period 2011 to 2021. The subject matter of appeals by the Supreme Court of Appeal over the period has seen many issues dealt with on the papers where Litigants have turned for remedy of alleged invaded rights; if an appellant still felt their rights had been interfered with; or where litigants sought fiduciary retribution from alleged prejudice. Cases similar or dissimilar have been appealed and found their way to the Appeal Court whether an action presented with divergent views, private interests, family interests, State interests, commercial interests or entailed legal interpretation, precedent has been set going forward that will have an impact upon the business legal sphere on company claims, interdicts, acquisitions, matters of identification, procedural and technical disputes, dilatory reactions, property execution, good faith, sequestrations, securityships and interpretation of 'new' and amended provisions - heard and filed by the Supreme Court of Appeal. We are preparing Casebook XI and its commentary.

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SA National Environmental Shoulders responsibility
The availability of our resources, wild animals, habitat and water are tourism products that play a major role in South Africa's willingness to share. Of utmost importance is emergence of the industry from the past two years, with new positive impact on vegetation and stress-free living for all wildlife. Environments such as deserts, high-alkaline soils, damp soils, high-saline substrates, competent shade, enhanced landscapes, landscapes with diminishing wind factor, stable soil condition or nutrient poor soils have all benefitted and are producing better than before. Water as a necessity for all insects, birds and animals in its forms of rain, dewdrop or storm has dominated their existence, particularly SW of the Kruger National Park. Around steep slopes, thick bush, forest, cliffs, on mossy rocks, river banks, falling gorges, in shade or dappled light, selective plants grow in association with lichen, moss, grasslands or veld and parallel are suitable breeding habitats.

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The Kudu doe browses in grassy patches to cater for an early morning thirst from her fast the night before. Animals parks such as Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape and in the Kruger National Park in South Africa around Numbi gate and others wildlife can be viewed.