In our book we have selected, observed and scrutinized Company Cases from the period 2011 to 2021. The subject matter of appeals by the Supreme Court of Appeal over the period has seen many issues dealt with on the papers where Litigants have turned for remedy of alleged invaded rights; if an appellant still felt their rights had been interfered with; or where litigants sought fiduciary retribution from alleged prejudice. Cases similar or dissimilar have been appealed and found their way to the Appeal Court whether an action presented with divergent views, private interests, family interests, State interests, commercial interests or entailed legal interpretation, precedent has been set going forward that will have an impact upon the business legal sphere on company claims, interdicts, acquisitions, matters of identification, procedural and technical disputes, dilatory reactions, property execution, good faith, sequestrations, securityships and interpretation of 'new' and amended provisions - heard and filed by the Supreme Court of Appeal.

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SA National Environmental Shoulders responsibility
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Company Cases - The First Ten Years
Our learned Judges have developed company law inter alia - procedural applications, bona fide defense, business as a going concern, derivative actions, competition issues, group companies as separate entities, director disclosure, debarring of director and representative, share issues, disposition woes, occupational injury, insurance cover due to force majeur, fiduciary duty, arbitral review, recusal, locus standi, exceptions, contempt of Court, PAIA and prescription. Graeme and Veldra continue to prepare for the upcoming period Companies Casebook 2021 - 2022.
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