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SA National Environmental Shoulders responsibility
South Africa competitively, sustainably and narrowly maintains its territorial resources, viable land and vegetation, fresh water supplies and all other related certainties regarding wild animals and the guardianship of such. Institutional protections and donor funding allocated to high-productivity National Parks activities, technological learning and social programs are always considered and aligned to common management, control and custody of wild animals on land for tourism purposes. When visiting the Kruger Park at Numbi Gate [and other gates] plus other National Parks in South Africa, tourists are invited to absorb the animals physiological tricks employed under various purposes some of which is e.g. to evade predators - the stately fawn coloured Kudu with its imposing horns hidden deep in thick wooded locations or a predator such as the spotted wheat coloured Cheetah that by its behaviour is somewhat hardly detectable waiting in dappled shade or even a Fish Eagle searching for its mate across a ten sq. kilometer location from a perch amongst large boughed trees. How the animals blend into their landscapes has always intrigued tourists and birds are far from being precluded since they flock, singly or in pairs and win our attention, conspicuous or un- be it in thorn-veld, riverine bush, inside exotic trees or around common homesteads and farms with their lively alertness.

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Company Cases - Eleventh Year of Cases
L - the African Crowned Eagle [J] perched conspicuously and ready to launch at a time where smaller creatures are pre-occupied with looking for a midday meal, the wings of the Crowned Eagle are shorter than other eagles as they glide and swerve sharply among the iconic Acacia and Box Thorn shrubs; middle - many animals cleverly hidden in and along the vast National Parks of Southern Africa; R - a Fish Eagle looks for the slightest signal of fish movement.