Our Cases VIII selected body of law matters curially developed from 30 April 2018 to1 May 2019 are composed of - difference of opinion between important statutory entity and transactory parties in re notifications; execution against primary property where the mortgagee exercised rights in terms of the loan agreement, in the last two decades deemed a simple commercial matter, however now in terms of Constitutional housing the requirement is that all relevant circumstances be curially considered before depriving a person of his or her home; the effects of bona vacantia assets of a UK firm in terms of asserting privilege having regard for aggrieved stakeholders; material non-disclosure to an insurance underwriter; res inter alios acta in re a non-surety; money lending from indemnity insurance; whether a written clause in a franchise agreement in the assessed tax period was categorised as future expenditure; application for debt review where an act of insolvency was not deemed committed; restitutio in integrum; an ancillary breach of listing agreement, whether a new portal infringed Uk competition law by structural cartel price-fixing, barrier entry or anti-competitive behaviour. Graeme and Vel Fraser are finalizing our 15th Corporate Litigation book.

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South African perspectives on our wild life..
S of the Kruger National Park in South Africa, geographical aspects of the subtropical savanna-forest boundaries, thicket, grassland, woodland, forest edges, wondrous deep ravines and jagged sharpened mountain water cliffs that exist contentedly within the triangle of hotels at Grasskop, Sabi and the Fick family Hotel group. Their team oversees the proper ordering of game life from vistas of Little Pilgrim and Numbi Hotel in Hazyview and there are numerous vulnerable and interesting species of Big Five, antelope and common bird and insect types, where their managers invite their visitors into proximate contact. In South Africa, National Environment Managements' shoulder nature's processes and give full effect to relevant legislation and contiguous rules. L1 - a bull Antelope Kudu ready to pass on his DNA to the next generation, in the morning sun.
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